What is Brioche?

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We love brioche at our house, and here we would like to share our love for the classic French brioche with you. It can be something very special, and the best part of it is that you can make it yourself at home. But what is brioche exactly?

What is brioche? It's a French bread with a lot of eggs and butter

What is brioche?

Brioche bread originates from France, and is a bread with a high content of eggs and butter. In addition, it typically contains flour, sugar, yeast, milk and a little salt. The egg and butter, results in a delicious airy and juicy bread when the dough is baked. The bread typically gets a dark crust, which tends to flake.

Brioche is used in both the sweet and savory kitchen and can be shaped in many ways. It can be baked as bread or buns or be added pieces of fruit or chocolate. In some places, the bread is also served with a stuffing of meat, foie gras or sausage.

Brioche burger buns in the oven

How to make brioche?

Briochedejen is not that hard to make. It is recommended to use a mixer to knead the dough, as it must be kneaded a long time to develop the right gluten network.

The dough for brioche is typically made by dissolving the yeast in the liquid and then adding the eggs, salt and sugar, and finally the flour. Then the dough should be kneaded on the machine until it is even and releases from the side of the bowl. Then add soft butter in cubes, which must now be kneaded into the dough. It may take some time, so again it is a good idea to use the mixer. Of course, the dough can also be made by hand if you like.

It’s time to raise the dough. Typically to double the size before it is tightened up and put into a baking tin. If you need to shape buns or other small breads of the dough, it may be beneficial to cool it down in the fridge, so it is easier to work with. Briochedej is very soft because of the high content of eggs and in particular butter.

After shaping, the dough should prove before baking on high heat so that it gets the good, dark, and flattery crust.

Many shapes of brioche bread

What can brioche dough be used for?

The dough is very versatile and can be used for a lot of different delicious pastries and breads. Once you’ve tried baking brioche, a whole new world opens up for you, and you’re guaranteed to find even more ways to use the dough. Here are some of our favorite things with brioche:

As I said, it’s only the imagination that limits what you can use the brioche dough for. What’s your favorite?

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