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Reverse sear – How to Cook the Perfect Steak or Roast

We love to bbq and try different methods of cooking delicious food on the grill. Today I want to tell you about a method that we have become super happy to use at home. The method is called “Reverse Sear”. It is a method for making perfectly cooked and tasty meat on the grill.

Delicious beef with the reverse sear method

What is reverse sear?

Reverse sear means directly translated into Danish “reverse cooking”. Quite simply, it means that you first cook the meat at low indirect heat, after which you finally sear the meat over very high direct heat. It is the opposite of what you “normally” want to do, where you first sear the meat off over high heat and then lower the temperature during the rest of the cooking time. You prepare the meat on low heat, a bit in the same way as when you use sous vide, until you have reached a desired core temperature. When you have reached the desired core temperature, remove the meat while the bbq is heating up to the highest temperature. When the bbq is piping hot, sear the meat over direct heat. Subsequently, the meat can be left to rest for 10-15 minutes before it is cut out and served. When cooking meat in this way, you need a good cooking thermometer, so you can always keep an eye on the core temperature.

Reverse sear on the bbq

Easy shortcut to good results with reverse searing

I have become a fan of reverse searing, partly because I get the opportunity to add more smoky flavor than with traditional cooking on the grill. But also because I think the meat achieves a more uniform cooking, a bit like when you cook it with sous vide. And then there is the smoke. When you cook the meat and make smoke at the same time, and you will get extra good taste! So remember that next time you need to do something with the reverse sear method. Here is a small overview of meat I have cooked by reverse sear:

  • Rump steak
  • Cuvette
  • Ribeye steak
  • Serloin steak
  • Hanger steak
  • Burgers
  • Beef tenderloin
  • Pork chops

Reverse sear on wood pellet grill

A wood pellet grill is absolutely fantastic for making reverse sear on, I have a Weber Smokefire EX6. It can run at very low temperatures, and at the same time get smoking hot (315 degrees celcius). The high heat helps to give a really good searing of the meat. On a wood pellet grill, you are helped really well by temperature control and the smoke that comes when the wood pellets are burned. It makes it a little easier to get started with reverse sear.

Reverse searing on gas grill and charcoal grill

When you have a gas grill, you can also easily make meat cooked with reverse sear. The procedure is exactly the same. First low indirect heat until the desired core temperature is reached, and then final searing of the meat at high direct heat. If you want to add smoke flavor, then you need a smoking box as well as wood chips, or smoke chunks (for the charcoal grill).

Reverse seared hanger steaks

Try reverse sear next time you have to grill meat

Now you know a little bit about what reverse sear means. So next time you need to grill a steak, or a delicious beef tenderloin, pork chops or steak, don’t hold back! Try reverse searing and get absolutely amazing results in the end. Have fun with it and remember to share your photos with us on Instagram or in our group on Facebook.

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