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Caramel potatoes

Yesterday we had duck with danish red cabbage, gravy and of course browned potatoes, as we call these caramel potatoes. They are traditionally served with a good duck or pork roast. You may think it is difficult to make perfect caramelized potatoes, but it is actually quite simple and we would of course like to share our method with you.

Caramel potatoes - Easy recipe for danish caramelized potatoes for christmas

Which pototes to use for caramel potatoes

You can either use normal small potatoes you have cooked and peeled yourself, or choose the slightly easier method with potatoes from glass. The last method we use ourselves, because it is easy and it just tastes like we got them at home when we were children.

Caramel potatoes - Easy recipe for danish caramelized potatoes for christmas

Caramel potatoes recipe

Here you get our recipe for the best browned caramel potatoes. It is the very traditional method where they are made on a pan. I know some make browned potatoes in a pot or oven, but we stick to what we know works. Maybe we throw ourselves in the second one time, but for now this recipe is rock-solid every time.

Danish caramelized potatoes in a bowl
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Danish caramel potatoes recipe

The best caramelized potatoes for christmas
Opskrift af: Tina Westergaard Møller
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Total Time 30 mins
Ret Side dish
Cuisine Danish
Servings 4 people
Kalorier 362 kcal


  • 120 g sugar
  • 30 g butter
  • 1 kg small potatoes, cooked, cooled and peeled


  • Put the sugar in an even layer in a pan and heat slowly until completely melted – avoid stirring. When the sugar starts to melt in the middle, it is a good idea to turn down the heat a little to avoid burning the caramel.
  • Add butter and stir until the caramel is even, uniform and glossy.
  • Add the cooked, cooled and dry potatoes and leave to heat for a while before stirring. The caramel should just have time to heat up again so that it does not clump.
  • Then stir around once in a while until they have the desired brown caramelized color. I give them approx. 20 minutes in the caramel on very low heat.
  • Serve immediatly with duck or pork roast.


Kalorier: 362kcalKulhydrater: 74gProtein: 5gFedt: 6gMættet fedt: 4gKolesterol: 16mgNatrium: 69mgKalium: 1053mgFibre: 6gSukker: 32gA-vitamin: 187IUC-vitamin: 49mgCalcium: 30mgJern: 2mg
Vilkår for beregning af ernæringsdata
KEYWORDS / SØGEORD Potatoes, Traditional danish
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Tips and tricks

  • Make sure the potatoes are well drained and relatively dry when you put them in the caramel. That way you avoid caramel flakes becoming too cold and lumpy.
  • Your potatoes only get better by standing and enjoying some time in the caramel on low heat. Therefore, you may want to leave them on the pan on the “hold-warm” function or lowest flare while you finish the sauce or cut out the roast.

Serve with

  • Serve for Christmas dinner consisting of, for example duck or pork roast.
  • Serve for Morten’s Eve with duck, red cabbage and brown gravy.
  • Serve for a traditional Southern Jutland New Year’s menu consisting of ham with green cabbage

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